Friday, August 10, 2012

Vacation at the Smokey Mountains

We just got back from the Smokey Mountains and vacation about a week ago.  I have been trying to catch up on everything else this week.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed spending time with two of our boys, daughter in law and grandson.  We rented a pretty house in the mountains.  We woke up to beautiful sunrises and went to bed with beautiful sunsets.  I think we all decided we would like to live there.  We took quite a few hikes and saw some beautiful waterfalls.  I usually brought up the rear.  I was out of shape from the previous winter and my struggles, but I got there eventually.  We saw some bears, also.  The week after we came back, we spent at our camper and got lots of rest.  I got to get some reading done, which I love, also.  During our trip to the Smokies, we took one day to go to North Carolina to see my parents.  This is a picture of them.  They are enjoying their retirement, there.  Hope to be doing some crafting, soon.

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