Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas


I honestly can't remember where I got the card base.  I made this a little while ago and am just getting around to posting the cards.  I didn't make any repeats, this year.  I just didn't feel like mass producing.  I had alot of issues with the post office, this year.  I feel really bad about sending cards that the post office wanted extra postage on.  They are A2 size cards and I am soooo upset about the post office.  They wanted 2 dollars postage on them.  They weren't heavy or anything.  My Mom suggested that I don't pop them, but what would be the joy in that???  I think our cards are special because they are different than store bought cards.  I never had any trouble sending any of my other cards all year long.  It kinda takes the joy out of it.  tfl

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