Friday, September 6, 2013



This was such a fun card to make.   I loved the eyeball paper and this cut was just too perfect for it.  This cut came from the Silhouette Online Store.  The eyeballs, I put a lot of crystal laquer to make it look like an eyeball.  I was playing around with the Cameo software and created Eeek!  by welding and using the software colors.  This was printed on my printer.  I have tried to play whenever I get a free moment, which hasn't been very often lately.  After we finished our roof, our neighbor asked us to put a roof on for him.  That is the end of MY roofing career!!!  No more roofing for me!!!   In the middle of that, my husband had some health issues with his heart that put him in the hospital for a day.  We are both exhausted and can't wait to slow down.  tfl.

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